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We held Stephen Curry scoreless…

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It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I feel like blogging about college basketball. I just saw an amazing story about the Davidson/Loyola of Maryland game that I may or may not try to relate to SEO. I’m sure many of you remember Davidson. Specifically, Stephen Curry, their sharp-shooting point guard that torched Gonzaga (and everyone […]


Search Rankings are Dead!

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Two interviews caught my attention recently regarding the future of search. Here’s a quick summary of them for you. I believe what they discuss will have a pretty significant impact on SEO in the future. So what’s all the buzz about, anyway? It came from two interviews by Mike McDonald of WebPro News at Pubcon […]

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Dick’s Drive-In. Spokane’s Centroid

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One of the factors that influences the Local Search algorithm is called the proximity to the centroid. That is, how far whatever you’re searching for from the center of the city as defined by Google. In the case of Spokane, it has a most fitting location: Dick’s Drive-In That’s right, the intersection of 3rd & […]