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How to Dominate with Data – A Spokane Ad Federation Presentation

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Last week I spoke at the Spokane Ad Federation luncheon about how to dominate with website data. It was their Fall 2011 kickoff luncheon and I had a blast! We had a full room ready to gain analytics insight and ask some great questions!We even had a group of a dozen members of the University of Idaho’s own advertising group. It was really cool that they made the two hour drive from Moscow, Idaho for the presentation. OK, they also had a visit with advertising agency Magner / Sandborn. But I still appreciated their attendance and participation. They must’ve stayed a good 45 minutes after things winded down. They asked some great questions and are really fired up about getting started in the industry.

We went through a lot of real-world examples and talked in detail about ways to gain insight from data that are actually actionable. Yeah, I’m talking about immediately making improvements to your website based on analytics insight.

Here’s the full presentation for those that attended and others that might find if helpful.

Dominate with Data

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