About Us

Company Info

Sixth Man Marketing is a data-driven online marketing firm in beautiful Spokane, Washington. We challenge assumptions, improve landing pages strengthen campaigns, and test the results. We are not afraid to prove our clients or ourselves wrong in the pursuit of better results. We do this by performing usability research, testing, and detailed measurement to gain insight into how to increase revenue.

Our Team

Ed Reese
Ed Reese | Founder

Ed has been helping companies improve their online marketing efforts for the past ten years. His experience includes advising major brands, agencies, universities, ecommerce companies, and nonprofits. He’s a Faculty Member at LocalU, an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Gonzaga University and speaks nationally on analytics and online marketing.

Tine Reese
Tine Reese | Co-Founder, Usability & Testing

“Usability is not a luxury—it’s a requirement!” Tine is passionate about thoughtfully integrating good design, clear communication, and user expectations in all facets of the online experience. She has a wicked sixth sense for what motivates people to take action on the web and a measurable track record to prove it.

Audrey Kaplan
Audrey Kaplan | Usability

Audrey has 10 years of usability experience conducting usability research for the e-commerce group at Oracle and then leading usability teams at Google. Oh, she also has as a Ph.D in Cognitive Psychology. You could say she has a pretty good idea of why people do what they do when it comes to website behavior and actions.

Ash Boodel
Ash Boodel | Programming

Ash is a technical troubleshooter. You can throw him into a tangled web of incoherent, mangled code and five minutes later he’ll emerge with the answer. His experience and expertise in programming advanced database and backend solutions is invaluable when it comes to identifying and diagnosing website issues.

Philip Glenn
Philip Glenn | Designer

Philip Glenn is a graphic designer with over 7 years of experience. A recent graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design. Philip focuses his work on accessibility, functionality and lastly on aesthetics. A computer humanist who believes that all design should be accessible functional and focused on the user.

Camille | Security / Hospitality / Chewing

Camille has been a valued member of the Sixth Man Marketing team since August of 2013. Her expertise includes security, hospitality, and paper chewing. Camille has proven to be a much loved member of the team and enjoys coming to work everyday.