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New Analytics Client – Artemano

I wanted to let you know about Artemano, our favorite new client from Montreal. OK, they’re currently our only client from Montreal. Not only are they a great client to work with but their furniture is amazing! They produce unbelievably cool furniture from recycled materials including like this office desk below made from an old fishing boat.

They’ve been growing rapidly over the past few years and are working with Sixth Man Marketing to better understand their analytics to be able to make the best possible decisions based on their website data. We’re helping them measure the performance of their website, track campaigns, and produce actionable reports for their executive management team. This has a large custom training element. It’s essentially a private version of our analytics for marketers class focused on their specific analytics training needs. We’re working with their Chief Marketing Officer to provide training for him as well as their internal team (and future team members). It’s been great to work with them on this project! They’ve taken every lesson and applied it directly to their business after each training session to make immediate improvements to their landing pages, campaigns, and overall online business. I have every confidence based on our interaction with them that their growth will dramatically increase across North America in the coming years. Artemano is selling online in both Canada and the United States. You should check them out! I might need to get this two drawer TV unit to match the desk 🙂