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Phone Call Tracking & Google Analytics

I haven’t tested this myself yet, so I don’t have much to add other than my excitement. But I gotta say, I’m pretty giddy. If this service delivers, it has the potential to have the biggest impact in tracking offline conversions/sales this year for small and medium sized businesses. Unique phone number tracking has existed for a while. But those packages are pretty expensive for small companies and not easily integrated with existing analytics packages. Getting to see these results within Google Analytics (with pretty easy integration from what they say) sounds pretty sweet. Here’s the complete story from the GA Blog.

The offline phone call tracking is provided by a company called Mongoose Metrics. I’m looking forward to checking this out for myself. Has anyone else tried it out yet? I’d love to hear your feedback. Offline conversions are one of the toughest metrics to track. This has the potential to fill in those data gaps.

Here’s what they list as their top four questions (and answers) about their services:

1. How many phone numbers do I need to track my keywords?
We have several methods that help track keywords affordably.

2. Is your phone call tracking service expensive?
No. Our phone call tracking service is extremely affordable with our starter plan beginning at $35 a month with no contracts. We also provide pricing discounts with extremely low rates for customers with higher monthly minutes requirements. See $35 A Month Starter Plan Details

3. Do you offer phone call recording?
Yes. Phone call recoding is provided at no extra cost.

4. What tracking numbers are available?
We offer toll free numbers which provision instantly and over 250,000 local U.S. and Canadian numbers which typically provision in 1 to 2 business days or less.