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Why Get Listed University Works for Business Owners

The Get Listed Faculty at O'Doherty's the night before the 1st Get Listed University event.

Get Listed University has presented to nearly 2,000 business owners and marketing professionals since our innagural event in Spokane in February of 2010. It’s been amazing to be part of such an A-List team. It’s a priveledge (and absolute blast) to get to spend time with these wonderful people five or six times a year at these events. But what’s been even more incredible is talking with business owners over the years and being in a position to help. I’ve been thinking about Get Listed University a lot recently and wanted to put together a quick summary of why I think Get Listed University is so valued by business owners.

1) No Pitches. Ever.
I go to a lot of conferences. Nothing makes mad like traveling to a conference, paying the price of admission, and then getting pitched by a presenter. At Get Listed there are no “back of the room” sales, no pitching of our services in any way, and no uttering the cardinal sin of the conference upsell world,… “We’ll be covering that at the follow-up conference for just X dollars. Register today!” Nope. That just ain’t our style.

2) We Don’t Hold Back Any Content.
Not only do we not hold back content, we continue to find ways to provide even more content for business owners to use to their advantage. For example, this year we have created a more formal structure for our site clinics to really maximize it so you’ll have more time to ask any of our experts 1-on-1 questions about YOUR website.

3) We Provide Actionable Information & Real Case Studies
This information is not collegiate theory. You will literally be able to take these insights and apply them immediatelly to your business the following day. We use examples highlighting how real businesses use these strategies to improve their business. In fact, David is unveiling a new presentation in Spokane called “Prioritizing Your S*!t” that provides a roadmap of actions that will guide you along your way to online greatness.

4) The Faculty are Amazing!
I’m not kidding when I say how fortunate I feel to be part of this team. At times I feel like snuck in the back of the pickup when they left for town – and now they’re stuck with me 🙂 These folks are the best in the business! We are so fortunate to have them back in Spokane again.

5) We Know & Respect Business.
We know running a business is hard. I believe all us have either owned a business in the past or are current business owners. We know it’s tough to committ a day to learn about online marketing and we work very hard to make every second count. We keep finding new ways to improve the events for our attendees. For example, for the Spokane event this year we added social media and paid search as well as expanded our site clinics.

Bonus) We Do Our Best to Make it a Dang Good Time!
We know your brains will be full by the end of the day. But we balance your efforts with a good dose of humor, enough food and snacks to keep you fueled up, personalized Q&A, and an awesome networking happy hour to close the event out right! It’s also important to note that our speakers don’t take themselves too seriously and are approachable the entire day with any questions you have for them.

What t-shirt will Mike Blumenthal be wearing this year? Oh, the suspense!

We look forward to seeing you at Get Listed this year! If you have any questions about the event please feel free to call the Sixth Man Marketing office at 509-624-5580 or going directly to the Get Listed University website.

6 thoughts on “Why Get Listed University Works for Business Owners

  1. Great post Ed! I would also add that is a valuable opportunity for agencies and consultants as well. I attended as a consultant in 2010 and I credit that experience with helping me to develop as a professional enough to take on larger accounts and grow my team. The faculty really are the best-of-the-best and getting to interact with the directly is worth 10X the tuition!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Chris! I agree completely. That’s where we met if memory serves correct 🙂 That’s part of the reason we added advanced content and expanded site clinics in the afternoon. This is our 3rd time in Spokane so we wanted to provide additional content for folks that attended before as well as valuable information for agencies and consultants. The afternoon side of our schedule is a great time to get that 1-on-1 time with the faculty. Very cool to hear it’s been a valuable for your business!

  3. I feel quite unfortunately all the action is rather far from me (some 5.5k miles away). Are you by any chance planning of visiting Europe/East Asia with the faculty? 🙂 If not, why not and what would it take? If yes – WHEN?!?!

  4. I attended this event last year & signed up for this year. As a business owner, I wanted to learn about SEO & social media so that I could apply to our business. I was afraid that it was a front for a sales pitch-this was not the case. There was a wealth of relevant information presented. Our company has greatly increased its SEO rankings and social media presence in the last year-I credit the Get Listed class for much of this.

    Patrick (Principal @ Kraft Insurance)

  5. @Nyagoslav I would love it if Get Listed visited Europe or East Asia! “David,… David Mihm… Yes, I’m talking to you, David. Let’s take GLU across the pond!”

  6. @Patrick Thanks for the comment! Great to hear that you’ll be back again this year. Very happy to hear that it’s been good for your business. That’s what it’s all about!

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